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  • Giulio Carpi

    Director of the School and professor

    Since 1987 he works as counselor both in national and international companies on strategic communication, innovation, group dynamics, functional development of leadership, creativity, multi-level pastoral subjects, evolutionary psychology, education and p

  • Charles Zech

    Faculty Director of Villanova’s Center for Church Management and Business Ethics

    Charles Zech is a professor of economics in the Villanova University School of Business where he has taught since 1974. He is the Faculty Director of Villanova’s Center for Church Management and Business Ethics and of the University’s M.S. in Church M

  • Carol Fowler

    Villanova University

    Carol Fowler has been active in a variety of roles with the Villanova Center for Church Management and Business Ethics. She was a founding member of the Center’s National Advisory Board. She has taught in a variety of Center programs, including: the we

  • Michael Castrilli

    Villanova University

    Michael Castrilli is an adjunct professor at Villanova University’s Center for the Study of Church Management and Business Ethics. He teaches graduate courses in the MS in Church Management program on Pastoral Strategic Planning and Church Program Anal

  • Lara Montanari

    Scientific Coordinator and Professor

    Psychologist and psychotherapist, Lara is one of the founders of Creativ, where she works since 20 years in the pastoral, corporate and school areas as a trainer and psycho-pedagogical counselor. She is specialized in interpersonal and public communicatio

  • Fabrizio Carletti

    Tutoring Coordinator and Professor

    He graduated in Political Sciences, specializing in socio-anthropology and psyco-pedagogy. He is working for Creativ in several communities, parishes, dioceses, developing analyses of needs, programs, involvement and management of operators, planning and

  • Claudio Merciadri

    Scientific Coordinator and Professor

    Claudio graduated in Law and became a consultant, manager and entrepreneur. He has a over 30-years experience in management. Since 40 years Claudio is a business consultant and teacher in organization, management and human resources development, technique

  • Gianluigi Contin

    Scientific Coordinator and Professor

    Gianluigi graduated in Economics and Marketing at the Università Bocconi, he built his professional career in counseling, managerial and entrepreneurial roles. He was management consultant for 12 years and SDA teacher for 5 years, focusing on the develop

  • Don Sergio Carrettoni

    Scientific Coordinator and Professor

    Don Sergio Carettoni is a priest educated at Pontificio Seminario Regionale Marchigiano of Fano and ordained the 4th of June 1994 by Bishop Mario Cecchini. He performed his studies of Health Pastoral Licence at Camillianum and his Phd at Teresianum in Rom

  • Mons. Roberto De Odorico

    PUL General Secretary, member of the Scientific Team and Teacher

    Born in 1950, Don Roberto was ordained a priest on March 19, 1976. Since September 1977 he was the first assistant and then vice rector of the Roman Major Seminary. On 27 September 1983 he was appointed assistant pastor of the parish of St. Luke. A year

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